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I recommend

“This office is great and the staff is phenomenal. If you have to get ortho work done, this is the best place. They make you feel welcome and comfortable; you can’t go wrong with Dr Minich. I love them!”

— Rachelle, Jun 15, 2013


Love this group!

“It’s nice to be somewhere where I feel appreciated for being a patient. I am very happy with their staff and their kindness. I would recommend their office very highly! Even my daughter (17) who was treated elsewhere for orthodontics says that she wishes she had gone there. That says something.”

— Kyle U., Mar 30, 2013


Professional, Friendly and Caring

“From the moment we walked into the office, I knew it was going to be a special experience. The office is decorated in such a way to make even the youngest patient feel at ease. The waiting room is equipped with a Wii and a television, and home-made cookies and bottled water are offered daily! Pictures of patients are hanging on the walls. When someone gets their braces off, it is advertised in the lobby! Each patient station is equipped with a computer and a friendly, knowledgeable assistant that made my child feel at ease. The professionalism of each employee is top-notch. Because my child is not treated by the same employee each time, it makes getting to know my child that much more special and each employee plays a role in her treatment. Dr. Minich has a great bedside manner and a terrific and friendly smile to go along with his assuring personality that our child is in the best care possible. I would definitely recommend anyone requiring ortho treatment to come to this office. You’ll be glad you did!”

— Alexandria W., Jul 8, 2011


My daughter loves her smile!

“Thanks, Dr. Minich and staff for a great experience. My daughter loves her smile. You have a great staff and facility and it made the process that much easier. Best wishes always!”

— Tess C., Nov 9, 2011



“We were late 30 minutes to the appointment, and the staff with Dr. Minich were getting ready to leave, but when we came into the office, they took us in instead of making us reschedule for the appointment. And they were very kind and went out of their way to assist us.”

— Michael, Aug 25, 2011


Close, Kind, Cool, and Quick!

“They are conveniently located (an 8 a.m. appointment gets you back in second period by 8:30). Everyone is very thorough. The office is hi-tech! I would and have recommended Dr. Minich to family and friends!”

— Kennedy M., Nov 10, 2011


Friendly and professional

“I really appreciated the friendly, thorough, and professional way our initial consultation was handled. I understood exactly what was needed, what the process would be, and how much it would cost. Our first appointment went very smoothly and exactly as described. The staff are all friendly and Dr. Minich is very down to earth and easy to talk to.”

— Elizabeth O., Nov 13, 2011


GREAT First Impression!

“We were really happy with our first visit with Dr. Minich and staff. Everyone was very friendly and more than willing to answer all of our questions.”

— Kailee, Nov 16, 2011


Perfect Practice

“With special attention to details, the employees welcome their patients with their names written on a chalkboard and a tour through the whole practice to start your appointment. Not only do you receive a thorough examination, you are also informed about every option you have concerning your individual treatment. Never before have I seen a doctor who takes as much time as Dr. Minich to discuss your future treatment.”

— Stephanie, Dec 8, 2011


Thumbs Up for “Thumb” Discussion

“Dr. Minich’s heart-to-heart talk with our 8-year-old about the need to stop sucking her thumb seems to have worked. She loved his idea to take a mold of her thumb and make a trophy that she’ll get if she stops. He has a great way with kids and they respond well.”

— Margaret A., Mar 16, 2012


The Hayes Family

“My 10-year-old daughter has been traumatized by past experiences at other dental facilities. Just getting her in the chair without tears has been a challenge. At Minich Orthodontics, Dr. Craig Minich and his awesome team have turned her tears into laughter! I highly recommend Minich Orthodontics for all your orthodontic care!”

— Mya H., Mar 27, 2012


Professional, friendly, and efficient

“I never thought going to the orthodontist could be so pleasant! The appointments are quick and run on time; scheduling is easy, and the entire staff is warm and friendly. We have recommended Dr. Minich to our friends.”

— Elizabeth, May 17, 2012



“When I sought out resources to advise and apply treatment for my dental and orthodontic needs, it took me longer to find my new dentist. Met with the Minich office and there was an immediate trust bond established just by their honesty, professionalism, and patience with a middle-aged lady about to embark on a ‘commitment’ experience in getting my mouth in better, healthier shape. They were willing to work with whomever I felt comfortable with regarding a dentist and were patient with me until I finally landed somewhere. My situation is a bit unique and all the professionals involved need to be in sync. And they are. I would recommend Dr. Minich to anyone of any age.”

— Mary A., May 25, 2012



“We come to the office and everyone is friendly. You can tell they like smiles. They work to give you a nice one and they always wear one.”

— Adam, Jul 6, 2012


Great Orthodontic Care!

“I would highly recommend Minich Orthodontics. The staff is wonderful and they have lots of fun programs that keep the patients engaged in their treatments! One time, my son had an appliance break in the evening and it would have been uncomfortable for him to sleep that way. We called Dr. Minich’s emergency line and he told us to meet him at his office right away to fix the problem. This was way past office hours and he couldn’t have been more accommodating! A+ service!!”